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Overall Best European Association

Accountancy Europe
Accountancy Europe is a young name with a great legacy. After 30 years of gaining credibility on the EU scene, we changed our name from the Federation of European Accountants/Fédération des experts-comptables européens (FEE) to Accountancy Europe on 7 December 2016.

We are the umbrella organisation for 50 professional bodies from 37 countries. We unite 1 million professional accountants, auditors and advisors working in all kinds of organisations. Their expertise spreads widely in areas such as finance, corporate social responsibility, audit, tax and financial advice and consultancy.

Our new tagline “Because people count” makes clear that people are at the heart of what we do, as professional accountants make numbers work for people. We believe that in this era of digitalisation, people are going to count even more. They interpret big data and exercise judgement. Machines don’t care about ethics and cannot sustain moral values.

Our 50 members are at the core of the work we carry out. They send us experts from across Europe contribute in the areas where we can make a difference (see image 2). Our stakeholders need input from accountants with ‘mud on their boots’, i.e. who work in practice every day. The on-the-ground experience of these almost 1 million accountants is what we bring to the table.

The next 30 years for Accountancy Europe look exciting, if challenging, at times. Building on solid foundations, Accountancy Europe will keep bringing people together to inform the public policy debate in Europe and beyond.


Association For Financial Markets in Europe (AFME)

AFME is the industry voice of wholesale financial institutions at European level. We advocate for deep and integrated European capital markets which serve the needs of companies and investors, supporting economic growth and benefitting society. Europe?s capital markets face unprecedented challenges, not least as a result of the Brexit process. Central to our mission is engagement with European policymakers and regulators. In the context of the evolving relationship between the EU and the UK we believe this mission is best achieved by providing a bridge between EU 27 and the UK policymakers.


We have 200 members with operations in 30 European countries, which include universal, investment and regional banks, but also other capital markets participants including law firms and rating agencies, accounting firms, and investors. Our multilingual staff have deep market and policy expertise and operate from our offices in London, Brussels, and Frankfurt. Members take part in our policy and product committees which produce 100+ consultation responses, briefing notes and reports annually. Members are kept up-to-date with policy and regulatory developments via a mix of traditional and digital media including a members? newsletter, briefing calls, Twitter and LinkedIn. They can attend 40 high-quality events a year across Europe where they can engage in industry debates and network with their peers.


AmCham EU
The American Chamber of Commerce to the EU (AmCham EU) speaks for US business committed to and invested in Europe. It comprises about 160 member companies, including the world’s largest and most prestigious corporations across all industry sectors. Thanks to its extensive network, AmCham EU has become the principal transatlantic forum for issues impacting American business in Europe.

AmCham EU is member-driven and utilises their expertise to engage with policy-makers to create a growth-oriented business and investment climate in Europe. Key priorities of the organization include ensuring a more competitive Europe and building a strong transatlantic relationship.

As a unique association, AmCham EU is committed to excellence and strives to be a thought-leader and the most valued lobbying force in the EU. The numbers of 2016 illustrate this: 400 committee and outreach meetings, + 60 position papers, 85 press mentions, 50 events and 15 delegation visits. Also in this year, Susan Danger, AmCham EU CEO, was named by Politico as one of the top 20 most influential women in Brussels. Mrs Danger’s experience continues guiding the direction of the organisation with effective solutions that have enhanced AmCham EU’s advocacy capabilities over changes in the political and economic landscape.


Erasmus Student Network (ESN)

Erasmus Student Network (ESN) is a network of 530 local student organisations (‘sections’) present in 40 countries all over Europe. ESN works with helping international students on the local, national and international level through the principle ‘enrichment of society through international studies’.

During the last year, ESN has given great value for its members through its 2000 local and international partnership, notably one with Ryanair which has already given discounts of 1.25 million EUR.

ESN’s membership satisfaction is very high; our internal evaluation tools show satisfaction rates of around 90 %. The network has also grown with about 12% per year during the last years.

Through projects like ErasmusIntern and MappED, ESN contributes to improving lives of exchange students on a broader level, by helping students find internships and by making it easier to find accessible universities for students with disabilities.


By cooperating with policy-makers on the highest level in Europe, ESN also makes sure that its members’ voices are heard when the policies and programmes governing the exchange students (for example the Erasmus+ Programme) are being shaped.


EuroACE (European Alliance of Companies for Energy Efficiency in Buildings)
EuroACE represents 13 companies involved with the manufacture, distribution and installation of energy saving goods and services (280.000 employees and 900 factories and office locations in the EU). EuroACE advocates for a more efficient use of energy in buildings, representing all technologies in a holistic manner.

We believe to be suitable for winning the award of ‘Best Association’ in 2018, on the year of our 20th anniversary, having shown a good track record on the most relevant file for our sector, the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive. EuroACE, which successfully runs the Renovate Europe Campaign (101 MEPs as official supporters), organised a conference in the Parliament the day before the vote.

Our expertise is being recognised with invitations to speak, and is mirrored in a wide media coverage. EuroACE strives to reinvent innovative ways to more concretely defend its position, not only in Brussels but also nationally. All these achievements are of even greater importance, when compared to the scarce financial and human resource available. Finally, EuroACE is recognised as a major player in the “energy efficiency community”.

EuroACE members are highly satisfied with the association, as some (including at CEO level), have expressed it in our testimonials document.


SolarPower Europe

SolarPower Europe is emerging as one of the leading associations in Europe, just a couple of years since the association appeared to be in terminal decline. In January 2015, the association had just 95 members, down from 250 in 2012. Today, we once again have a membership of over 200, just three years since that low point in the history of our 32-year-old association. This includes more than 30 new members in 2017 alone.


The reason for the turn-around lies with the motivation, creativity and innovation of the SolarPower Europe team and leadership team. The current leadership team was appointed in 2014, and since then has overseen the development of a new team with a focus on member satisfaction and service delivery.


Our latest membership feedback survey found that over 70% of the members rated our services as excellent. Looking at what we have achieved in the last few years, overcoming a difficult legacy, we believe that the feedback is accurate:

  • Huge increase in revenue and membership numbers
  • Gaining much visibility and influence in the media and policy
  • World class events as recognized by participants from the highest levels of policy and industry

Union for International Cancer Control (UICC)

UICC is based in Geneva and works to unite the cancer community to reduce the global cancer burden, promote greater equity, and to integrate cancer control into the world health and development agenda. It has seen a dramatic increase in member and partner numbers in the last eight years. More than 1,000 cancer organisations work with UICC on advocacy, convening and capacity building.


UICC’s commitment to member satisfaction is yielding tremendous results. In 2017;

  • 97% of members would recommend membership to another organisation (up from 90% in 2015).
    • 86% describe their interaction with UICC as good or very good (80% in 2015)
    • 80% are satisfied or very satisfied with their membership (78% in 2015)


In the last three years, UICC’s CEO was recognised as “CEO of the Year” in 2015 at the International and European Association Awards. It was awarded “Best Congress Development” the following year. In March this year, UICC received an Association Excellence Award for the use of social and in May 2017 UICC was recognised for its commitment to its membership by receiving the “Best Membership Engagement” award at the International and European Associations Awards.


Best National Association

EEF, the manufacturers’ organisation
EEF, the manufacturers’ organisation, recently celebrated 120 years of championing UK manufacturers. Though much has changed for the industry and EEF over the years, the organisation’s commitment to campaigning on behalf of members to government for a positive business environment for manufacturers, increasing the prestige of manufacturing as an industry and career, and expanding its membership base to include a broad cross-section of British makers remains the same.

This powerful combination has been supporting the growth and competitiveness of manufacturing in the UK where EEF’s members have cited buoyant conditions, output and orders bouncing back to historic highs, export sales going from strength to strength and positive recruitment and investment intentions, all at a time where trading conditions remain challenging and uncertain.

Some of EEF’s recent advancements and successes include the launch of

  • A problem solving network, a free, online platform offers a dynamic, real-time forum for members to access information and forge useful, profitable alliances with others, all from their desktop or mobile device.
  • An extended events programme of over 300 events per year, which enables members to meet potential new customers, suppliers and experts.
  • A brand new, state of the art, multi-million pound Technology Training Campus.
  • Apprenticeship Levy Service – a fully managed services which helps members to maximise their Levy contributions to attract, develop and upskill their workforce.

As it continues to grow and innovate, EEF has continued to receive extremely positive feedback from its members and customers on its customer service and offering. Member retention levels are at an all-time high of 91% and EEF has been placed amongst the top quartile of all service businesses in the UK for customer service standards in an independent benchmark conducted by The Institute of Customer Service.

Law Society of Scotland
The Law Society of Scotland is the professional body for over 11,000 Scottish solicitors. We have an overarching objective of leading legal excellence, and strive to excel and to be a world-class professional body, understanding and serving the needs of our members and the public. We set and uphold standards to ensure the provision of excellent legal services and ensure the public can have confidence in Scotland’s legal profession.

We also have a statutory duty to work in the public interest, a duty which we are strongly committed to achieving through our work to promote a strong, varied and effective legal profession working in the interests of the public and protecting and promoting the rule of law. We seek to influence the creation of a fairer and more just society through active engagement with the Scottish and United Kingdom governments, parliaments, wider stakeholders and our membership.
We achieve these aims by:

• Providing members with a strong balance of fees and service
• Engaging with our members and striving to improve our services
• Adapting and regulating in the best interest of the public and our members
• Looking to the future

Petroleum Exploration Society of Great Britain (PESGB)
The Petroleum Exploration Society has been around for over 50 years, starting as a platform for those who work in the industry to
• share information about exploration,
• learn more about their chosen science
• share their passion with the wider public
• networking for employment

This is still at the heart of what we do, harnessing the passion of the members to create events, workshops, conferences and courses. In addition we now provide and support the education of the next generation of scientists who will work in the energy sector and provide the opportunity for those with questions about the oil industry to find answers.

The organisation faces the same challenges as the members in this volatile industry but we are nimble and adapt, building on relationships both inside and outside the industry to ensure a sustainable future.

Radiocentre is the industry body for commercial radio. We work on behalf of over 40 stakeholders who operate 278 licensed radio stations across the UK and represent 90% of commercial radio in terms of listening and revenue.

Our strategic positioning is to persuade people to See Radio Differently. We are a small team of 21 and we champion this fresh perception of radio through focussing on three core aims:

  • to drive radio industry advertising revenue by promoting the benefits of radio to advertisers and agencies
  • to provide UK commercial radio with a collective voice on issues that affect the way that radio stations operate, working with government, politicians, policy makers and regulators to secure the best environment for growth of the medium
  • to ensure advertising messages on commercial radio stations comply with the necessary content rules and standards laid out in the BCAP Code of Broadcast Advertising and the Ofcom Broadcasting Code.

Our members have enjoyed a particularly strong year with record audiences and ad revenues contrasting with a stagnant wider market. This award entry details how Radiocentre has contributed to this massive achievement.

The Wine and Spirit Trade Association
2017 has been a time of significant challenges for the alcohol trade. From the uncertainty created by the developing Brexit negotiations, a surprise general election and subsequent hung Parliament, to two Budgets dealing with alcohol duty just 8 months apart, it has been a turbulent and unpredictable year. However, throughout these difficult times the WSTA has worked tirelessly for its members, keeping them informed of developments both at home and abroad, campaigning on their behalf within Westminster and the Devolved regions, and ensuring that the trade’s voice is loud and clear in both the trade and national media on issues such as alcohol duty and Brexit.


Association Leadership Award

AmCham EU – Susan Danger
The American Chamber of Commerce to the EU (AmCham EU) speaks for US business committed to and invested in Europe. It comprises about 150 members companies, including the world’s largest and most prestigious corporations across all industry sectors. With a secretariat of 28 professionals, AmCham EU operates 14 sectoral committees, five task forces covering horizontal issues, and an Executive Council comprised of company CEOs.

At the helm of this association is Mrs Susan Danger, who has been Managing Director at AmCham EU since 2002 (now CEO). Ms Danger served as Vice-Chair of AmChams in Europe from 2009 to 2014, prior to which she was a Member of the Executive Committee (2005-2008). AmChams in Europe is an umbrella body and network of 45 AmChams in Europe and wider Europe. In her capacity as Vice-Chair, Ms Danger hosted the secretariat for the AmChams in Europe network, coordinating all Europe-wide activities.  Susan Danger was named by Politico in 2016 as part of the 20 most influential women in Brussels. She is viewed as one of the key stakeholders in Brussels that helps shape European and transatlantic policy

AmCham EU has won several awards over the years but most recently won Best Professional Body of the Year and Best Trade Body Campaign of the Year at the EuropAwards 2017.

EPIC – European Photonics Industry Consortium – Carlos Lee

Carlos Lee is currently Director General at EPIC (European Photonics Industry Consortium) which he joined in 2013. The association was founded in 2003 and had a stable membership of around 80 members, and a network of just a few hundred industry experts and leaders. Under the leadership of Carlos, the association grew in 4 years to 290 member companies, and a network of more than 15000 photonic professionals. He initiated global initiatives such as DAY OF PHOTONICS motivating hundreds of volunteers across 35 countries on all continents, to organize events to promote the importance of Photonics and its contribution to society. Key to the success of the growth of the association has been a strict focus on maximizing ROI of membership, and making smart and efficient use of contractors and industry professionals.

Using his creativeness, resourcefulness, and enthusiasm, Carlos managed every year to visit more than 50 companies, exhibit at 13 exhibitions, organize 15 events, and many more activities that resulted in the growth of the association, making it financially stable and poised for a bright future. Carlos Lee successfully tackled the challenge of growing an association with limited resources, the association had 2 staff and for the first time could hire additional staff in 2016.

EuroACE “The European Alliance of Companies for Energy Efficiency in Buildings” – Adrian Joyce
Adrian Joyce, the Secretary General of EuroACE and Director of the Renovate Europe Campaign, is a very knowledgeable, highly experienced and widely recognised personality in the field of energy efficiency. His skills include inspiring public speaking, key analytical thinking, skilful negotiating and smooth inclusive management. The manner in which he has led the work of EuroACE since late 2011 has been highly appreciated by the member companies and has ensured that EuroACE is fully respected as the go-to association for policy issues relating to energy efficiency in buildings. In fact, the reputation of EuroACE has steadily increased during these years and the foundation constructed in this time puts the association on a strong footing for the challenging years ahead. His day-to-day management of the association has been so efficient that on a small budget he has been able to raise the profile and influence of EuroACE. His personal style has been a great asset in the success of the Renovate Europe Campaign, one of the key actions of EuroACE.

Euroheat & Power –  The Euroheat & Power Team
Since 2014, Euroheat & Power has engaged in a new chapter: a team leadership story that has energised the association and the European district energy sector.

Disappointed to find itself left out from previous strategic debates on the future of the energy transition, our entire organisation has worked with passion and a strong sense of purpose to turn these setbacks into a successful vision that guided us “Towards the Centre”. We successfully placed the overall issue of heating and cooling on the European policy agenda and our sector is identified as major contributor to the first ever EU Heating & Cooling strategy published by the European Commission in 2016. Ongoing negotiations on the Clean Energy Package reflect our sector’s new role and have shaped up to be a great success for Euroheat & Power and, more importantly, for our members.

Looking back, it’s clear that the pivotal factor was a change of mind-set, where our association provided the much needed thought leadership and served as a forum to bring our industry together. And of course none of this would have been possible without the talented team that made sure Euroheat & Power is such a great place to work.

European Banking Federation – The Digital Banking Team
The European Banking Federation has successfully taken up a leadership role in the regulatory landscape when it comes to the digital transformation of financial services, specifically the banking sector. In a bank-financed economy like the one we have in Europe is it is impossible to consider a digital single market in which banks have no role. The EBF first identified areas in the banking sector where regulation intersected with the digital revolution in the financial services. Subsequently EBF focused on specific areas where policy measures could help create and support new international opportunities for European companies. As a result of these actions the EBF now holds a guiding role when it comes to the digital transition of the banking sector.

EuropeanIssuers – Florence Bindelle and Team
To deliver your strategy in turbulent times, the political and economic landscapes has an impact association management. Therefore, it is important to voice your industry and represent your sector. To this end aligning your board and members to stay relevant is every leader of a European Associations ‘s ongoing challenge. I joined EuropeanIssuers in October 2015 as Secretary General.

EuropeanIssuers represents the interest of the listed companies across Europe. It is a main stakeholder of the European Institutions on the regulatory developments affecting them such as corporate governance, company law, listing requirements, market abuse and financial matters. When I joined after 16 years with the Federation of European Risk Management Associations (FERMA) my challenge was to present a new strategy to the Board of Directors and implement it with the very limited existing staff structure (3 employees and 2 interns) for the benefits of our members. I worked through a step by step approach, starting with the analysis of the current situation and the context from the 4 perspectives of the balanced scorecard model: Customers, Internal Processes, Financial and Learning and Growth.As a result, I proposed a three years’ action plan for EuropeanIssuers and started the implementation.

Liechtenstein Bankers Association (LBA) – Liechtenstein Bankers Association (LBA)
Roadmap 2020 is a guideline for all the banks in the association and the other financial centre participants. The strategy paper documents the results of the Roadmap 2015 and analyses the current environment, the market situation and international developments. It has resulted in a catalogue of measures that are supposed to be implemented by 2020. The Roadmap 2020 is primarily dedicated to sustainability and digitalisation as future issues. The strategy paper could only be prepared – and concrete measures could only be developed and implemented – because of the way that the Bankers Association is managed and the usefulness of its organisational structures. In fact, the rigorous implementation of numerous roadmap measures helps explain why Liechtenstein’s financial centre is now considered one of the most innovative in Europe and is highly regarded by the media and politicians alike. This is leadership in the best sense of the word.

The presentation of the Roadmap 2020 triggered a big and very positive echo in the country. And it has already borne fruit. Liechtenstein’s banks enjoy a sterling reputation today and are known for quality and professionalism in wealth management.


Most Innovative Development by an Association

ENTSO-E – Stakeholder relations; Internal organisation; Strategy and Communication
ENTSO-E, the European Network of Transmission System Operators, represents 43 electricity transmission system operators (TSOs) from 36 countries across Europe. ENTSO-E was established and given legal mandates by the EU?s Third Legislative Package for the Internal Energy Market in 2009, which aims at further liberalising the gas and electricity markets in the EU.

ENTSO-E members share the objective of setting up the internal energy market and ensuring its optimal functioning, and of supporting the ambitious European energy and climate agenda. One of the important issues on today’s agenda is the integration of a high degree of Renewables in Europe’s energy system, the development of consecutive flexibility, and a much more customer centric approach than in the past.

ENTSO-E is committed to develop the most suitable responses to the challenge of a changing power system while maintaining security of supply. Innovation, a market based approach, customer focus, stakeholder focus, security of supply, flexibility, and regional cooperation are key to ENTSO-E’s agenda.

Eurochild – Eurochild Children’s Council
As a representative body of children’s rights organisations in Europe, Eurochild has recognised the need to engage the voices of children themselves. Nothing about us, without us, applies equally to children. In April 2017, Eurochild adopted a Child Participation Strategy with the goal of embedding high quality, meaningful child participation in our work and to support members’ participative activities of children & young people.

With the aim of achieving a ‘gold standard in participatory practice’ by 2020, we involve children directly in our activities (advocacy, event planning & delivery, and organisational development) and support more effective participatory practices in our membership.

Every year Eurochild brings children to the European Parliament around Universal Children’s Day on 20th November to meet with elected members. In 2017, our newly established Eurochild Children’s Council raised the profile of children’s participation at the highest level and received the commitment from European Parliament President Tajani to mark Universal Children’s Day every year to assess progress on children’s rights, in the plenary of the European Parliament. This commitment marks a turning point for the recognition of children’s rights.

Additionally, the inclusion and engagement of children and young people in the annual General Assembly as co-creators and workshop participants drives Eurochild network to be as participatory as possible. From communications to logistics and engagement, engaging children makes us as a network, more creative and reflective.

European Respiratory Society – Creation of the European Lung Foundation (ELF)
Many medical societies have a mission to improve the lives of people living with the condition that they serve. However, few actually engage with patients in their everyday activities. The future of healthcare relies on a changing population; an informed public that is able to better look after their own health and prevent disease, and empowered patients able to manage their own long-term conditions and treatments.

The European Respiratory Society (ERS) founded and funds an organisation which fosters the relationship between patients and the public and respiratory healthcare professionals. This organisation, the European Lung Foundation (ELF), supports the ERS membership by providing reliable and trustworthy patient information, raising awareness about lung health and disease in the general population and by ensuring that the latest developments in the field are picked up by the media and policy makers. ELF also ensures that patients are fully involved in the activities of the ERS, by bringing together a network of European patient organisations, managing the involvement of patients at the ERS International Congress, and ensuring medical guidelines and scientific research is patient focussed.

This innovative and unique development by ERS has led to a real partnership between its members (healthcare professionals) and the people whose lives they aim to improve (patients).

European Telecommunication Networks Operator’s Association (ETNO)- Thought-leadership report “Lead or Lose”
Can a trade association start a thought-leadership exercise and ignite cultural change for a whole industry? This is the challenge that ETNO and its Members set for the Association in 2017, at a moment in which society and economy are undergoing a fundamental transformation fostered by ubiquitous connectivity and widespread digitisation.

The tool chosen for starting the thought-leadership project was a ground-breaking, high-level report co-created by ETNO, the CEOs of its companies and Accenture Strategy. The final result was ‘Lead or lose – a vision for Europe’s digital Europe’, a report on how to maximise the opportunities from digitisation by leveraging positive transformation of the telecoms industry and of the respective public policies.

The objective of starting a thought-leadership exercise and igniting change was achieved with: (1) a major launch event involving the Financial Times, leading telco CEOs and a European Commission; (2) the start of an off-line industry conversation on bringing forward the action points outlined in the report; (3) an online conversation empowered by thorough Twitter & LinkedIn engagement as well as a dedicated mini-website.

Challenges and lessons drawn from the project include learning points on governance, content as well as maximising the external impact.

EUSalt – Safety Awards
EUsalt, the European Salt Producers’ Association represents salt producers located across Europe and worldwide since 2004. We represent those producing crystalized salt (NaCl) as an end-product regardless of the production method, whether it is solar salt, rock salt or vacuum/evaporated salt.

The EUsalt Safety award is innovative and unique in different ways. At the yearly General Assembly, the safety projects are presented the ‘Pecha Kucha’ way, where a maximum of 20 images are shown, each for 20 seconds. It is a great format to share a project in a dynamic, relaxed and concise way.

Thanks to this way of presenting the projects, we get maximum engagement from the audience. We have experienced that it is a perfect way to share best practices among our members and participants to the General Assembly. The EUsalt Safety award itself is also unique and innovative, it is made out of salt from a different salt company every year.

Eurovent Association – Eurovent Middle East
The Eurovent Association is Europe’s Industry Association for Indoor Climate (HVAC), Process Cooling, and Food Cold Chain Technologies, representing more than 1.000 manufacturers and associations.

As the first-ever European industry association and within a very short time period, Eurovent has managed to set up a strong regional chapter focussed on Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) member states called ‘Eurovent Middle East’. Today, this chapter is home to close to 35 manufacturers and receives numerous requests to extend its scope of work and membership base from within the GCC.

In the process of its creation, the association had to overcome multiple barriers, ranging from the resistance of national member associations to financing issues. Originally set up as a specific type of working group, Eurovent Middle East has meanwhile developed into one of the most respected HVACR industry stakeholders in the GCC region. The Eurovent team managed to do so in a self-funding manner with a very limited amount of financial resources – using no funds from the European mother association.

Through participating in the European Association Awards 2018, the Eurovent team would like to motivate fellow European associations to follow their footsteps while shedding light on this important issue.

Liechtenstein Bankers Association (LBA) – Villa Wirbelwind
Villa Wirbelwind – One of a Kind in Europe
A lighthouse project in Liechtenstein

Liechtenstein’s banks are among the most modern employers in the region. The compatibility of work and family is an important topic for the Association and its member banks. With the day-care centre “Villa Wirbelwind”, opened in 2017, the Liechtenstein Bankers Association (LBA) has implemented a project that is unique across Europe, thanks to which bank employees can make use of high quality childcare for their children. In light of the challenging environment in the market for skilled workers, this is an important milestone in the safeguarding of expertise and skills within the banks, the promotion of equal opportunities and the facilitation of reintegration into working life after parental leave. In addition, the offer is a clear commitment to the bank’s location and increases the appeal of Liechtenstein as a place of work for international experts. In view of the constantly increasing demand for childcare places, this is an important step in order to ensure that the banks continue to be among the most innovative and attractive employers in the future. Furthermore, the banks in Liechtenstein are recognising their social responsibility with this project.

This initiative of an entire sector is unique and presents a model for similar projects. It creates additional value for those businesses, for which equal opportunities and the compatibility of work and family are not just lines on a page, and for all employees, particularly women, who want to exploit their full potential and develop themselves further. The uncomplicated cooperation of all parties involved brought the project forward with a real energy. There were no delays in the building work and the budget was not exceeded. In less than 2 years, a public-private partnership has resulted in an institution, which will continue to flourish over the coming years. This increases Liechtenstein’s appeal as a business location. Lastly, it is hoped that the children have as much fun as possible in the Villa Wirbelwind and are comfortable and happy there.

The Law Society of Scotland – New charity – The Lawscot Foundation

In spite of there being no undergraduate tuition fees in Scotland, the numbers of lower socio-economic groups commencing university is significantly lower than elsewhere in the UK, and law is particularly poorly represented. We don’t want the Scottish legal profession to become a profession which can only be accessed by those with the financial means to qualify. The Lawscot Foundation has been set up not only to provide direct financial assistance but also a crucial mentoring scheme which links the students with graduates and experienced solicitors to offer guidance, advice, support and encouragement.

The Lawscot Foundation is a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation (SCIO) registered with OSCR.

The first students have started to receive support from the recently launched Lawscot Foundation. The eight school pupils, who have all had offers to study law at Scottish universities and are facing financial difficulties, are the first to be offered financial and mentoring support from the charity. It aims to help them as they study for an LLB degree and/or the Diploma in Professional Legal Practice and forms a key part of our work to create a more diverse legal profession.


Best Provision of Industry Information and Intelligence

Concawe (a division of the European Petroleum Refiners Association) – Water, Soil and Waste Management Group Interactive Communication Tool
Concawe has been carrying out research on environmental issues relevant to refining for more than 50 years. As such, Concawe regularly generates a vast amount of data and technical information which needs to be delivered to members in an attractive and easy-to-access format. This is what motivated the Concawe Water, Soil and Waste Management Group (WSWMG) to develop an interactive tool with some of the related risks that the EU refining sector faces and how the group’s activities are addressing these risks. Members can now access an online microsite with information about 12 different risks and 26 different projects

EDANA – Market Intelligence Department
2017: Marking 10 years of service development of EDANA’s Market Intelligence Department
Based on a long-established foundation of trust with members, EDANA annually compiles data collected directly from around 90 producers of nonwovens within the European industry with the results carefully analysed and presented in a yearly report

In 2015 EDANA launched its Statistics app. Constantly evaluated and updated, the app has evolved greatly since launch to match the industry’s continuous development in terms of production processes, raw materials, and emerging markets segments. In 2017, featuring now more than 125 downloadable tables, graphs & articles, the EDANA Statistics app has become a unique source of accurate market data and is seen by the global nonwovens industry leaders as the authoritative point of reference for definitions, methodology and market data.

Also in its role as the leading global association for the nonwovens industry, EDANA continued to act in favour of the harmonization of product & market definitions worldwide, notably in conjunction with important Asian stakeholders.

In its recent global exhibition INDEX™17, EDANA decided to innovate by launching the Continental Briefings, gathering associations from other regions of the world to present the status of the global nonwovens industry worldwide.

International Powered Access Federation(IPAF) – IPAF Rental Report 2017
The IPAF Rental Market Report is a unique set of data pertaining to trends in the powered access machinery industry. The International Powered Access Federation (IPAF) is a trade association for this industry with over 1,300 members and its primary aim is to promote the safe and effective use of Mobile Elevating Work Platforms (known as ‘MEWPs’) worldwide.

The IPAF Rental Market Research Report is produced annually for IPAF by Ducker Worldwide to support the sustainability of the powered access industry by demonstrating growth potential and by enabling benchmarking.

Data contained within the report includes trends and dynamics, operational indicators (investment, age of fleet, application), fleet size, fleet mix and evolution, a breakdown by region and machine type, ranking of construction and non-construction sub-sector, MEWP rental revenue, and return on investment/average payback period by equipment type.

The publication has built a reputation as the definite, ‘go-to’ guide to the powered access industry’s rental market. The data within the report is highly insightful and valuable to key decision makers within powered access rental businesses; the report is a tool to inform planning, indicating where investment would be best made as part of market development, forecasting, and to optimise profitability.

Liechtenstein Bankers Association (LBA) – targeted regulatory monitoring and issue management
As a member of the European Economic Area (EEA) since 1 May 1995, Liechtenstein, like member states of the EU, is required to implement and apply European Union legal acts in national law once they have been incorporated into the EEC acquis. Through its membership of the EEA, Liechtenstein benefits from direct access to the EU single market (EU passport), the principle of non-discrimination, the four fundamental freedoms, common rules on competition as well as flanking and horizontal policies.

However, the EEA membership also poses challenges due to the EEA’s two-pillar structure with its own bodies and a separate procedure for incorporating EU legal acts into the EEA’s legal framework. In order to recognise these and international trends at an early stage, the Liechtenstein Bankers Association (LBA), in the interest of its member banks, monitors current legal developments both in the EU/EEA area and worldwide. For the purpose of providing support and concise information to its members in the area of regulatory monitoring, the Liechtenstein Bankers Association has established a comprehensive issue management and regulatory monitoring and examines EEA-relevant EU legal acts as well as international requirements and standards. To this end, the association periodically makes available to its members information on current developments relating to the relevant agreements, directives and regulations.

The purpose of the LBA regulatory monitoring is to show foresight in following and supporting the entire process, starting with EU and international legislation (white papers, legislative proposals), through the parliamentary process, the incorporation of EU legal acts into the EEA agreement and its implementation in Liechtenstein law, and to get involved in the relevant committees at an early stage at both a European and national level.

The Liechtenstein Bankers Association is competing for the Best Provision of Industry Information and Intelligence Award, because it demonstrates how, with the right issue management, the flood of international regulation not only can be handled but also may be seized upon as an opportunity, even for small associations.

Radiocentre – persuading decision makers to see radio differently
Radiocentre is the industry body for commercial radio. We work on behalf of over 40 stakeholders who operate 278 licensed radio stations across the UK and represent 90% of commercial radio in terms of listening and revenue.

On behalf of our members Radiocentre aims to drive radio industry advertising revenue by promoting the benefits of radio to advertisers and agencies, and provide UK commercial radio with a collective voice on issues that affect the way that radio stations operate, working with government, politicians, policy makers and regulators to secure the best environment for growth and development of the medium.

The role of Radiocentre’s research is to underpin these activities and help decision makers to ‘See Radio Differently’ by providing thought leadership and knowledge resource for the commercial radio industry and its stakeholders.

Across 2016/17 our members have enjoyed record ad revenues against the backdrop of a stagnant wider market. The work Radiocentre does to keep radio buoyant has made a massive contribution to that success.

Recruitment & Employment Confederation – The Scale Up Workbook: How to deliver customer service excellence
The REC’s “Scale Up Workbook: How to deliver customer service excellence” highlights what we know about customer experience more generally and places it within the context of the recruitment industry. Specifically, it drew on changes in the customer experience as well as the changing consumer landscape to present ways in which the recruitment industry can respond in the next few years.

The workbook shows the importance of the customer experience in improving overall performance, and specifically financial performance, for recruitment businesses and their employees (consultants and managers). We recognised that recruiters have a diverse customer base, but for the purpose of the report, the focus is primarily on clients, with some reference to candidates.

The workbook was well received and downloaded by more than 1,500 REC members.

SolarPower Europe – Global Market and Policy Data
There is a major need for accurate market information in the solar sector. Solar power is growing faster than any other form of electricity generation in the world, therefore accurate market intelligence is becoming increasingly important for businesses to take advantage of all the market opportunities that are arising. This is why SolarPower Europe produces the Global Market Outlook for Solar.

With over 17,000 downloads in 2017, the report is highly sought after by industry, policymakers, journalists and NGOs. The launch event of the report took place in the opening ceremony of Intersolar Europe, Europe’s biggest solar exhibition and conference.

The launch was high profile and the visiting Indian Minister of Energy, Piyush Goyal was presented with a copy of the report, emphasising its uniquely global appeal.

Overall, the report proved a major success for the association:
– It supported our member recruitment.
– It provided huge visibility for the association and solar in the media.
– It supported our policy aims by highlighting the key asks we have in the current legislative proposals.
– It allowed the association to innovate and provide more services to our members

SolarPower Europe’s Global Market Outlook is the must-read publication for anyone interested in the energy transition.