Event Marketing Summit

Check your GDPR compliance; strategies to crack new territories and functional streamlining to deliver a high-value delegate experience

08.15 Optional Breakfast Briefing

House of Brands or House of Cards? An outside view of the events industry based on experience of working closely with Informa.

The events market is changing rapidly. Face to face will always play a part but there will be fewer which requires changes in business model to win.  Within the fabric of the industry, partnering and communities are becoming vital.  Data driven decision making is key in this as is being part of the industry community.  Digital platforms enable both of these to happen – can you afford not to win this?

Michael Von Der Geest,  Advisory – EMEIA, Ernst & Young LLP

08.45 Registration

09.15 Welcome address and warm up

Charlie Crowe, Chairman, Csquared

09.30 OPENING KEYNOTE – a plenary session for all 4 Summits

How did Mobile World Congress get to be the most successful B2B conference in the world?

  • Through the lens of the key elements
    • Conference
    • Venue
    • Awards
    • Marketing
  • Understanding the philosophy for future development
John Hoffman, CEO, GSMA Ltd
Michael O’Hara, CMO, GSMA

10.15 Networking break

Event Marketing Summit Chair: Rob Nathan, Marketing Director, Media 10 Ltd

10.45 Strategic alignment of content, marketing and sales to deliver a seamless high value delegate experience

  • Aligning sales, content and marketing from the start
  • Building teams rather than silos
  • Integrating the experiential platforms on the day
Richard Pope, Founder & Managing Director, Procurement Leaders

11.25 General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Checklist: are you sure you are compliant?

  • Benchmarking your preparations – are you compliant?
  • Understanding the new regulatory and enforcement landscape
  • How the cloud has changed the data protection landscape?
  • Managing complexity
Giles Watkins, Experienced Board Member & Advisor & Commercial Director, JLINC Labs & UK Country Leader, International Association of Privacy Professionals

12:05 Hitting the BIG numbers with Pay Per Click for events

  • Tips and techniques to hit the lowest possible cost per acquisition
  • Ensuring an integrated approach on social from best channel mix to budget allocation and projected results
  • Delivering conversions over impressions
  • Ensuring analytics tracking works and reporting is clear
Laura Davidson, Director, TAG Digital and Kate Disley, Managing Partner, Tembo (Representing New Scientist Live)

12.45 Buffet Lunch

14.00 Panel: Marketing strategies for launching into a brand new market

Ewa Campbell, Chief Marketing Officer, Biotech and Money Ltd
Suzanne Gaunt, Marketing Director, Emap
Tania Marshall, Global Marketing Director, FT Live

15.00 Consumer behaviour in the digital age: how technology has changed our relationship with the consumer, what it means, and what’s coming next

Alex Hunter, former Head of Online Marketing for the Virgin Group and creator of Attaché, an award-winning online travel show

15.45 Networking break


  1. The perfect analytics & tag management set up for events
    Laura Davidson, Director, TAG Digital
  2. Accurately measuring impact through touch points: where do your bookings really come from?
    Suzanne Gaunt, Marketing Director, Emap
  3. Lessons learned and shared on how to use social media effectively
    Andrew White, Managing Director, Triggerfish
  4. How to make video work for event marketing
    Torsten de Riese, Chief Content Scientist and Editor-at-Large, Kontenthaus


Masterthief: Achieving breakthrough by challenging industry norms and stealing ideas from outside your current environment

From flat beds on BA flights to the turnaround of Eurostar and Sainsbury’s Bank, Hamish Taylor drives innovation in businesses, successfully leading them through times of change or challenge by putting the customer at the heart of any brand or offering. As a speaker, he provides business insight at all levels, inspiring you with his humorous stories, practical tools and infectious enthusiasm to look outside your current environment.

Hamish Taylor, Former CEO Sainsbury’s Bank and Eurostar

17.30 Closing Address

17.35 Networking Drinks Party



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