Appraise your GDPR compliance, super-charge your attribution & assess the impact of automation advances on your event marketing…

08.15 Breakfast Boost Start: Mobile Marketing/Data management 

09.00 Registration (Technology in action)

09.30 Welcome address and warm up


John Hoffman, CEO, GSMA Ltd
Michael O’Hara, CMO, GSMA Ltd

10.30 Networking break + RFID Treasure Hunt + Speaker’s Corner

11.00 Building customer value through digital solutions: case study Informa

  • Creating year round community engagement
  • Highlights of the first year using the digital platform
  • Comparing the performance of the digital platform with traditional marketing activity
  • Moving forward: future plans

11.00 Strategic alignment of content, marketing and sales to deliver a seamless high value delegate experience

  • Aligning sales, content and marketing from the start
  • Building teams rather than silos
  • Integrating the experiential platforms on the day

Richard Pope, Procurement Leaders, DITx

11.50 General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Checklist: are you sure you are compliant?

  • Benchmarking your preparations – are you compliant?
  • Understanding the new regulatory and enforcement landscape
  • How the cloud has changed the data protection landscape?
  • Managing complexity

Giles Watkins, Experienced Board Member and Advisor

12.50 5 by 5 (Technology company – five slides, in five minutes)

12.55 5 by 5 (Technology company – five slides, in five minutes)

13.00 Buffet Lunch and Innovation Labs in exhibition area + RFID Treasure Hunt

13.40 Table Top speed networking

14.10 Post-lunch Group Mediation for Focus

14.20 Marketing strategies for launching into a brand new geographical market

14.50 Data segmentation, analytics and management to identify and reach new visitor groups and sectors

  • Advanced segmentation to track the whole customer journey
  • Learning from examples of successful cluster analysis
  • Implementing new information into your campaigns for best effect
  • Capitalising on your knowledge to improve customer engagement

15.20 The world of social media platforms: developments for the future, ones to watch and how to use them more

15.50 5 by 5 (Technology company – five slides, in five minutes)

15.55 5 by 5 (Technology company – five slides, in five minutes)

16.00 Networking break (klaxon every five minutes) + RFID Treasure Hunt + Speaker’s Corner


  1. Google Analytics: top tips
  2. Using .TV channel to build and sustain engagement
  3. Easy wins in data analysis for small teams
  4. Accurately measuring impact through touch points: where do your bookings really come from?
  5. Sharing tips and ideas on conversion
  6. Personalising campaigns with limited resources
  7. Recruitment, retention and upgrading talent
  8. Distributing and sharing event content using your conference advocates and influencers
  9. Freelancers meet-up (marketing managers)


Masterthief: Achieving breakthrough by challenging industry norms and stealing ideas from outside your current environment

From flat beds on BA flights to the turnaround of Eurostar and Sainsbury’s Bank, Hamish Taylor drives innovation in businesses, successfully leading them through times of change or challenge by putting the customer at the heart of any brand or offering. As a speaker, he provides business insight at all levels, inspiring you with his humorous stories, practical tools and infectious enthusiasm to look outside your current environment.

Hamish Taylor

17.45 Closing Address and final networking activity

17.55 Networking Drinks Party



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