Events Events 2020


A vital aspect of weathering economic head-winds lies in the adjustments and fine-tuning you can prepare your business for in advance. Our speakers will offer practical examples of how they, as events businesses, have been proactive in re-booting their businesses to better ensure their continued success.


Our agenda focus this year is organised around 4 major themes:

  1. Supporting younger employees in the workplace
    Any businesses looking to survive needs to know how to build a culture where young people feel valued. Younger employees are the future of the industry and the way they view a job is vastly different to that of previous generations. The Breakfast Briefing in 2020 will be a curated discussion around these issues, and attendees, from all levels in the organisation, are invited to attend and share their experiences and ideas.
  2. Gender equality and wider diversity
    This year the conference programme aims to address the issues of gender equality in the industry and D&I across the sector. Both in the plenary sessions and also in the individual summits, sessions will focus on improving the balance of women in the workplace, especially at a senior level, with practical ideas and strategies for changing the status quo.
  3. Incorporating Sustainability into Event Thinking
    Whether it is the increasing coverage in the press, the Extinction Rebellion movement or a combination of factors, 2019 has seen a distinct focus on improving sustainability in events, a sector that has traditionally been quite intensive on single-use displays and large amounts of unrecycled rubbish at the end. Join some of our award winning panellists to debate, realistically and honestly, what can we do to make a real difference and how can we start to do it now?
  4. Achieving more without sacrificing your bottom-line
    Events Events is uniquely focused on the commercial realities of events for profit. With a challenging economic environment on the horizon, the programme will drive down into the key issues of how to remain profitable, reduce costs and improve quality while remaining competitive, innovative and fresh.


We know how vital networking is to our delegates so we are providing the following services to enable those all-important connections:

  • The EventsCase powered 1-to-1 meeting facilitator allows delegates to initiate and organise their own meetings with fellow attendees in advance, during and after the event
  • A dedicated on-site meeting hub with micro stations perfect for pre-planned parleys or ad hoc huddles

We have retained the same format and you still have the chance to mix and match across our different content streams. There are incisive, universally applicable plenary keynotes followed by distinct agendas for senior conference managers, awards professionals, association event managers and venue businesses. Plus, of course, the return of our invitation-only Leaders Forum.